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 & Empowerment

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Youth Entertainment & Empowerment is a youth-driven non-profit foundation based in Manguzi, South Africa, striving to promote youth development and empowerment through philanthropy & entertainment.

YEE empower youth to believe in themselves and believe in their dreams. It is also based on encouraging them to reveal their talents in a constructive way not to employ themselves in destructive obligations, such as substance abuse and teenage pregnancy. This Foundation is an organization run by youths, for youths, and seeking to extend our missions and providing more opportunities to empower the youths from all over South Africa.

Originally founded in 2012 and completely volunteer-based, YEE continues to empower youths to understand the importance and the impact one can make in the community through philanthropic and entertainment means. The mission is realized through planning and executing small- and large-scale community initiatives, youth development programs, charity fundraisers and other such initiatives. To date, YEE has fundraised over R700 for local charities and has grown from a small group of enthusiastic employed and unemployed peers and recent graduates from across the KZN. YEE members with diverse backgrounds and interests, all united under the belief that youths can leave an indelible mark upon society for the better. Dedication, spirit and entertainment set the foundation apart from other youth development programs.

We believe in each and every one of us God gave something unique and incredible, something amazing beyond measure, to which we possess and sometimes all we need is empowerment and inspiration in order to develop and use it for an advantageous use. No matter how intellectual and innovative we are, we also need a voice that will encourage and boost us to be the best we can be.

Our Purpose as YEE is to inspire and empower the youth to relay on their potential and believe in their abilities for the benefit of many, we divert them to walk and take a step towards the light, so they can rise and shine against all odds. We construct them to be the great future leaders.

Programme Items:

·         POETRY

·         MUSIC & DANCING

·         COMEDY


·         DRAMA

·         AND MANY MORE*****


Founders: Nkululeko Makhoba www.djnkulzin.com

Mbuso Mbatha [email protected]


With your assistance to which you can contribute in either way, you are welcome for any donations and support you can offer.  As we are still developing we would like you to offer any assistance in terms of the facilities including venue, donations, sponsors, performances, etc.

SEPERATED WE FALL, UNITED WE STAND "it's more than just fun"


Programme E-mail:  [email protected] or [email protected]



YEE                          @   081 8131 885

Nkululeko Makhoba  @   078 6755 900

Mbuso Mbatha          @   071 5023 343